Saturday, 11 November 2017

Love Is Just Love

She met him when she was just sixteen and sixteen years later, their paths cross again. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, in this romantic comedy, Yasmin Virani examines the one emotion that connects us all: love. Written By: Yasmin Virani 

Umrao Yasmin; A New Beginning

Yasmin Virani talks faith, love and artistry in her second one - woman play. As Virani opens up about her personal relationships, her trip to India and the success of her first one - woman play, Anand (bliss, peace, happiness), Yasmin's raw emotion gives voice to our humanity and we learn that moving forward is ultimately a question of faith in oneself and in others.  Written By: Yasmin Virani

Anand (bliss, peace, happiness)

In this semi-autobiographical play, Yasmin Virani tells us a story of intimacy, vulnerability and sexual self-discovery. Filled with music, laughter and moments of tenderness, Anand (bliss, peace, happiness), is a celebration of romantic love - Bollywood style!  Written By: Yasmin Virani

Faith Without Fear

Yasmin Virani presents a screening of Irshad's Manji's documentary, Faith Without Fear. 'In an era in which Islam is often portrayed in the media as harsh and violent and Muslims as fundamentalist fanatics, Faith Without Fear offers a complex and multi-faceted inquiry into one of the world's great religions, from the perspective of a woman who is dissenting, yet deeply engaged with her faith.'  Written By: Irshad Manji and Ian McLeod

Rewriting The Script

Yasmin Virani presents a screening of, Rewriting The Script. 'This stunning new documentary explores the loves, lives and sexualities, of, Queer South Asians and their families of origin. Parents, siblings and family members talk about the struggle to re-write and re-define their relationships.'  Written By: Friday Nite Productions

Narcissism or Brilliance?

Yasmin Virani turns poetry into performance at the launch of her first poetry book, Narcissism or Brilliance? (a collection of romantic poetry).  Written By: Yasmin Virani

Da Vinci's Inquest: Just For Bein' Indian

Watch Yasmin as she plays the sister of a gang member in season five of this acclaimed television series.  Written By: Larry Campbell and Lori Shenher

Friday, 10 November 2017

Jinnah On Crime: Pizza 911

Watch Yasmin as she plays a travel agent is this offbeat murder mystery.  Written By: Don Hauka, Margaret Bard and Bartley Bard